Top 5 DIY Floral Design Tips

Flowers are always an essential part of décor. Everyone loves how colourful they make a setting appear. There are many ways to blend colourful flowers and different designs in general. You can always get a bit more creative and here are five do it yourself floral design tips you could try.

Broken stems

The actual flowers may not be available, but did you know you can create something fascinating with broken stems. Use bowls or mini-vases and try to get creative with broken stems. You will have a sort of enchanted innovative design.

Use colourful lights

Flowers essentially add colour and a feel of nature to your décor. However, if it is an evening party, you could always try different colourful lights instead. They always look amazing on camera, and you can reuse them for several other events.

Avoid overstuffing your vases

In as much as you might want to maximize the holistic appeal that flowers display, sometimes less says more. Try using fewer flowers per vase, especially if you also planning to use lights or if the tables are full of other items such as candles.

Always prep your vases before the event

Most of the time, you will think about your vases the day before the event or just before the flowers arrive. This is usually a great mistake since you will always be left with little time to reconsider when something goes wrong. Try preparing your vases beforehand to get your creative juices flowing.

Use quality flower food

Finally, you do not want your flowers to die too early during the event, especially if the event is to last for long hours. Quality flower food keeps your flowers looking fresh and glowing for longer. Add some to the soaked foam and see the magic it brings out.