Top 3 Floral Design Tips for the Common Events

There are many ways that one can arrange flowers and have an outstanding expression of art, especially during events. Different events will need different designs since they always have unique purposes. If you are looking for ways to stand out, here are three tips for standard functions.

Wedding Events

A big part of the wedding décor budget goes to flowers, and this is why, as a planner or a décor expert, you need to know how to impress your clients. If you are tight on budget, try having fewer flowers during the joining ceremony and use more for the reception. Also, though the bride may have other options, if you can access in-season choices, the better. Keep it sophisticated yet expressive.

Private Parties

More people are taking the time to host private parties such as birthdays, anniversaries and religious events. In fact, many Instagram: generation florists, have gotten a huge clientele from such gigs. Here, try as much as possible not to go all out. Most of these clients like to keep it classy; therefore, baby’s breath and white roses can easily hack it.

Orchids are also lovely if you can access them. Try to have neutral colours unless it is a valentine’s event where the theme is red.

Corporate Meetings

Corporate meetings are becoming very common these days. Symposiums, product launches and the likes are used to make official statements for companies. Given that flowers may not be the most essential yet needed statement in the décor try to keep it simple and reduce the fragrance.

Some of the guests might have allergies so also avoid using flowers with too much pollen and other allergens. However, if the corporate meeting is an end-year staff party, you can still go all out since the night will be a celebratory event.