Floral Accessories

In addition to bridal bouquets, Florever also creates many other bridal accessories – elegant and funky boutonnieres, wrist and shoulder corsages, amazing floral necklaces, stunning hair pieces, cakes and table centerpieces. We also can decorate your venue, your car, and your home.

Floral Jewellery is new tendency in bridal fashion, unique accessories that are suitable for weddings with broad themes. Using real fresh flowers and decorative wire we create breathtaking accessories, such as pendants, necklaces, crowns, bracelets, belts, ring pillows, ties, etc. That personalised the wedding and leave unforgettable memories.

Hair Flowers and Floral Headpieces have long been worn throughout history and still popular today. Tiny flowers or clusters of small flowers may be secured in the hair with hairpins or attached to a barrette, comb or hair clip. Feminine, bold, unique, unforgettable floral headpieces (floral wreaths - chaplet, Alice bands, floral halos) from the pastwhen country maids wind wildflowers, herbs and twines into a wreath to create uniquely personal headpieces for their wedding day, are coming back!  They are unique, bold, feminine, and unforgettable.

Cake flowers – fresh flowers for a cake will be a perfect way to coordinate your theme and bring life and colour to the venue. When planning to have fresh flowers for a cake the most important to keep in mind that the cake will be eaten. Our cake flowers are wired and taped onto corsage-like arrangements and placed on a cake or arranged in floral foam than has been glued to a plastic container. We do not recommend poking fresh flowers into a cake to avoid toxic chemicals, pesticides or fertilizers contaminate the cake.