Every day our florists create fresh floral pieces that are both unique and innovative. Our styles vary from romantic and classic to modern and funky. We believe in using various combinations of traditional and contemporary designs, such that traditional flowers may be used in original ways and for new interiors, or new flowers and colours can find their places in classical designs and “Victorian” interiors.

We also create an assortment of stunning designs for every season using modern containers and materials. Our broad knowledge of flowers - botanical, horticultural, symbolical, and seasonal, has a huge impact on our work. We draw our inspiration from a variety of colours, forms, and lines found within nature. Every order, large or small, is presented with thought and care. We guarantee that your floral gift has an optimum vase life.

Please take a moment to browse through and enjoy our collection of designs. These are examples only. Flowers are seasonal, our stock rotates every 2-3 days. You will receive a much greater return on your dollar if you select a style/colour and let the talented designers to do the rest. Please let our florists create something beautiful and unique for you with the above images as samples of our day to day works only. We have a wide range of floral arrangements in Canberra so please come in and see us today.